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Annual Meeting

WCSQBO Annual Meeting, January 8,2020

We hosted a successful, well-attended meeting this year with over 40 active supporters enjoying a buffet dinner and social time together. A short business meeting was held to install returning and new Board members, install new officers, and add one member to the Advisory Board.  After the dinner, new Board chair Rich Zuccaro led a discussion about the changes to our structure:

As our long-time officers are stepping down, we are working on a restructuring  plan to divide the workload and delegate much of the responsibility for project planning to the five Standing Committees.  By assigning project details to each of the committees, it will reduce the workload on the officers, encourage active involvement of more members, and give the committees more decision-making authority.

Because we are a small group of members trying to accomplish many goals, we are reaching out to the community for assistance.  We need more interested volunteers to join one of our committees and spend a few hours each month working on a special project that they are especially interested in.

The five Committees consist of: Education/Safety, Off-road Biking, Road Biking, Public Relations, and Fundraising/Grant Writing. To learn more about the specific responsibilities of each committee, please read more …


To sign up as a volunteer, please go to: https://www.bikewarrenco.org/contact-us/




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