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Paving the Way for Safer Cycling in Warren County NY


To promote safe & quality bicycling in Warren County, NY.

Bicycling friendly communities offers excellent commuter options, reduces traffic congestion, improves air quality, expands economic development, reduces health related costs, and enhances recreational opportunities; all of which gives residents improved quality of life and non-residents incentive to visit.


To advance this mission, WCSQBO collaborates with New York State, Warren County, local municipalities, the Adirondack/Glens Falls Transportation Council, and other bicycling groups, residents, and visitors to advocate for, and expand safe bicycling opportunities for all bicyclists.

Annual Goals: WCSQBO works actively to:

  • Assess the availability of multi-use and off-road bicycling trails; and work collaboratively with all government agencies and departments to improve existing trails and the development/construction of new trails.
  • Advocate for the improving conditions of state, county, and local paved driving lanes, the shoulders of existing roads, and the construction of separate bicycle lanes throughout Warren County.
  • Promote and encourage a healthy life-style for community members and visitors by offering a variety of safe-bicycling educational programs and experiences for all levels of bicyclists, both on-road and off-road.
  • Monitor/evaluate bicycling opportunities within the County; and work with Warren County and A/GFTC to create maps of recommended bicycle routes for both recreational bicyclists and bicycling commuters.



  • Identified state, county, town and city roads in need of improvement for safe cycling. Letters sent to appropriate officials.
  • Discussed with DPW superintendent the selection process for repairing/resurfacing roads and funding limitations.
  • Advocated for increases in county/state infrastructure budgets.


  • Provided funding to Wilderness Property Management for the construction/development of single-track trails on lands owned by The Hub in Brant Lake, and at Hudson Pointe Park in Queensbury.
  • Coordinated meetings to plan the development of multi-use trails on recently-acquired French Mountain properties. Supported future trail development on adjacent Top of the World properties.
  • Participated in Adirondack/Glens Falls Transportation Council meetings to develop multi-use connector paths from Rush Pond Way to the Feeder Canal Path. Future connectors will extend the path to Champlain Canal and connect to the Empire State Trail. This long-term dream has great potential for becoming a reality!


  • Conducted safe bicycling workshops as part of the Student Connection Orientations to welcome and familiarize summer foreign student workers to the region.
  • Organized “The Bikeway Cleanup Day”. Volunteers collected many garbage bags of trash along the length of the Bikeway.
  • Submitted PSA’s/newspaper articles to publicize safe bicycling practices. Distributed “Rules of the Road” cards and posters.


  • Participated in Earth Day, “Pucks & Pedals”, and Climate Change Conference. Set up WCSQBO kiosk at Saratoga Bike Expo and Albany “Adirondack Day” in The Well. Distributed informational materials and opportunities for bicycling in Warren County.
  • Collaborated with several municipalities to monitor the future of Rail/Trail Path.
  • Initiated plans with the Warren County Tourism Department to host Parks & Trails, New York “Bicyclists Brings Business” Conference in this area in 2019.
  • In coordination with New York Bicycling Coalition, planned meetings with county representatives to discuss goals for on-road and off-road bicycling in the Great South Woods. NYBC recognizes WCSQBO as a model for other counties.
  • Reconstructed our website, Visits to the site have increased, along with our Facebook page. Now becoming the “go to group” for county bicycling information.


  • Hosted the successful 5th Annual Harry Elkes Ride. Over 100 cyclists rode on 3 different North Country scenic routes. After the rides, lunch was enjoyed in the Hub’s friendly social setting.
  • Supported ongoing “Warren County Cycling Challenge” as well as many other rides. We are becoming a “Destination for Bicyclists”!



  • Review and update the 2018 letter-writing campaign. Send letters to local, county and state officials requesting increases in the 2019 budget to repair/resurfacing roads and shoulders in poor condition.
  • Collect lists of area roads in need of repair from area bicyclists and citizens. Include the lists in request letters to officials.


  • Attend on-going meetings to support efforts to develop area connector bike paths and trails. Connector paths will provide access to paths/trails in surrounding communities, and serve as alternate transportation opportunities for bike/ped commuters and recreational bicyclists.
  • Assist and support municipalities and private land owners to develop new paths and single-track trails.


  • Distribute “safety rules” literature to educate motorists and bicyclists about sharing the road; legal right of ways for both.
  • Submit PSA’s and newspaper articles featuring the “Rules of the Road” as established by state and local governments.
  • Expand bicycle safety education for all bicyclists.
  • Present “Bike Safety” at the 2019 Student Coalition Orientation Workshops, to educate foreign student workers about official road rules/regulations when biking.


  • Install clearly-marked directional signage on regional bike routes, paths and trails. Design Warren County Bikeway logo to be added to area maps and Bikeway directional signs to guide bicyclists on Bikeway routes.
  • Participate in expositions/events to distribute safety information and promote Warren County as a “Destination for Bicyclists”.
  • Collaborate with the County Tourism Department and staff to plan and host the 2019 Parks and Trails, New York “Bicyclists Bring Business” Conference. Invite community members, cyclists, businesses, and government officials to attend to learn and share ideas how businesses and communities can attract, market to, and profit from cycling tourism.
  • Work collaboratively with, and serve as a model for, regional bicycle support groups and organizations.

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