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Truck Safety:  All that you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask! https://vimeo.com/263377367?ref=fb-share&fbclid=IwAR21Qvv6mvTxFoqHANCFOQ6WWPI6apQLeWBiruJQ6CjLIb8Lojstfxenb7Q Just a brief (2:09 minutes) video on Truck Safety!  It’s “Common Sense”, but. . . . And after all, we ARE Warren County Safe & Quality Bicycling Organization! At YOUR service!  

Adk. Sports Summer Expo 2019

The Adirondack Sports Summer Expo. . . It’s comin’ around again for 2019!  Less than a month!               https://teamup.com/ks5whk9kxgbdjd99n2 Simply click on above link to take you to the calendar. In left window, go to March 16th and/or 17th date. Hover over any field to see data contained. Click…
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Driver’s liability

photo – Jennifer Moore Driver’s ‘Apology’ to 10-Year-Old Cyclist He Hit: ‘I’m Very Sorry You Rode Into the Side of the Car’ THE DRIVER, ORDERED BY A JUDGE TO WRITE THE APOLOGY LETTER, COULD NOW FACE A MORE SEVERE PENALTY FOR LEAVING THE SCENE OF THE CRASH. Link to an article in Bicycling by Robert…
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Ride Tidbit

NOT a “Ridiculous Ride” for around here, this time of year! https://www.facebook.com/RidiculousRides/videos/376208909608659/

WCSQBO Annual Appeal for 2018-2019

To all WCSQBO supporters, Winter has arrived in the North Country – time to store your bikes, tune up the skis, snowshoes, snow shovels, and/or even hibernate in front of the fire. Just remember, spring is just around the corner – and planning your bicycling agenda will again be a priority. We, at WCSQBO, have…
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Stephen’s recent letter to the Post-Star: IPCC’s Special Report on Global Warming and The Post Star’s dire but accurate opinion piece, We’re Screwed!, speak to the urgency of unparalleled climate change action. Essentially, we are doomed without unprecedented actions to fight climate change. Here’s the good news: If you are looking for hope, for solutions,…
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Garnet Hill Lodge

Garnet hunting? An inviting place at which to stay!  Calendar of events from now until New Year’s Eve! http://www.garnet-hill.com/events Our friends of Garnet Hill Lodge invite your perusal of their upcoming events, and NOT just for biking! 39 Garnet Hill Rd Section 2, North River, NY 12856 just off Route 28.

Warren County Recreation Mapper

Sara Frankenfeld, Warren County GIS map designer, has been working for the past year on an important interactive mapping project for Warren County. Click on The Recreation Mapper, and check it out. The mapper is also available on the Warren County website. The Recreation Mapper is an interactive map of free, public recreational opportunities in…
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Rails to Trails

THE CONTROVERSIAL TAHAWUS RAIL LINE In a August 18 report by Don Lehman, Post Star reporter, “The State Department of Environmental Conservation this week notified the owners of the stretch of rail line that runs from North Creek to Tahawus that it plans to ask the federal government to declare the rail line “abandoned.” ……
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Solar Made Easy

WCSQBO supports this on-going solar campaign! Here’s your next opportunity to meet the vendors, learn about the process, get free quotes. Maybe we can help in your decision because you can also talk to those who have already installed on their homes locally. No cost or obligation except to spend a little time! https://www.facebook.com/SouthernAdirondacksforSolar/

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