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Still riding daily, but. . . it gets chilly when the sun drops low in the Western sky. How many times can you “check your bike”? One can always “do a puzzle”. . . How are YOU coping?


Rail-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) article by Chandler Garland.  Editor’s Note:  This article first appeared in the RecReport E-Newsletter on February 2nd, 2020.  To sign up to received the newsletter, visit http://www.recmanagement.com Interesting reading for all concerned!  And a panacea for much of our personal & nation’s ills which I’ve been preaching for ± seven (7) decades:…
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Presidents’ Day

When Presidents’ Day Was Bicycle Day Long before Washington’s Birthday was marked by car sales, Americans celebrated their first president by pedaling. Yoni Appelbaum     February 15, 2015  The Atlantic   Every year, Americans mark Presidents’ Day with an orgy of auto sales, kicking-off the car-buying season. Our celebration of George Washington’s birthday is now firmly…
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Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” Album cover A rendition of the Pink Floyd album “The Dark Side of the Moon” made out of Doritos bags. In 1945, Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí began collaborating on an animated film. 58 years later, with Dalí long gone and Disney gone longer still, it came out. The delayed arrival…
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LILLY at BIKE INDEX: REGISTER YOUR BIKE ALERT THE COMMUNITY THE COMMUNITY RESPONDS YOU GET YOUR BIKE BACK bikeindex.org/ Why work with Bike Index? They are a nonprofit with a big mission:  register every bicycle out there, & recover every bike that gets stolen. That’s why they need your help.  We’re a national registry but…
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WARREN COUNTY SAFE & QUALITY BICYCLING ORGANIZATION, INC. (WCB) REQUEST FOR FOR FUNDING YOUR PROJECT(S) SUPPORT INTRODUCTION Warren County Safe & Quality Bicycling Organization, Inc. (WCB), formally recognized by the Warren County Board of Supervisors, is a not-for-profit organization established in 2011. The mission of WCB is to promote safe and quality bicycling in Warren…
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USA Cycling has its eye on gravel Published January 16, 2020 By Betsy Welch BENTONVILLE, Ark. (BRAIN) — Like several pro road racers, USA Cycling has its eye on gravel.  Last week, officials from the national governing body met with representatives from some of gravel cycling’s biggest events here. The goal was to create an official…
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As a foil to another recent post. . . It cannot always be “Gloom & Doom”. . . But please consider the bicycle as a viable, alternative means of transportation vs. the car, the bus, the train! It is NOT a “toy” or a “sport” or some “mobile jewelry”! So much of the rest of…
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Transit Strike

As for myself, the bicycle has been THE alternative transportation for “The Cage”, the bus, the train, etc., et al for the past five (5) decades. . . During the 1st “Gas Crisis” in the U.S., as a local Bike Shop employee in Northern New Jersey, people were attempting to bribe us to supply their new…
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  ♥BikeLeague♥ https://mailchi.mp/bikeleague/today-only-your-gift-to-the-league-is-doubled-462069?e=5b1bc1ae2 At the National Bike Summit last March, the League convened more than 400 bicycling advocates, club leaders and stakeholders like you to kickstart change on Capitol Hill. In meetings with more than half of Congress, we asked for legislation that would make biking better: The Transportation Alternatives Enhancement Act, to build safer and…
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