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There are many more FAQ, just go to the following link & consider joining as a member, as a host, as a rider, as a further participant. https://www.warmshowers.org/ Message from the Chairman of WS WS MemberMay 7, 2019 Somewhere in the world right now as you read this at least one Warmshowers host and a…
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Bike Your Park Day

Explore parks and public lands by bicycle on September 28, 2019 with thousands of others throughout the world on the same day. Ride any distance on roads, paved bike paths, or single track. Make a day of it and stop to enjoy a spectacular view, treat yourself to your favorite ice cream, cool your toes in a…
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Sharing the Road

A six-minute video from our friends at New York Bicycling Coalition about Sharing the Road with others, such as motorists, other cyclists, pedestrians, etc., et al. The laws that govern us all according to New York State enforcement personnel. https://vimeo.com/227298327?mc_cid=f1bce6d7a2&mc_eid=1a88f63c03

“Bicycling Brings Business” Conference, September 10th & 11th

Purpose:  Tourism professionals, business owners, municipal officials, and cyclists are invited to join local and statewide advocates for a discussion on ways to attract cyclists to communities, as well as focusing on how your business and community can market to, and profit from, future cycling tourists. Conference Hosts:  WCSQBO, Parks & Trails New York (PTNY),…
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Farmers’ Market Bike Day

WHAT:  Bicycle Day at your local farmers’ market WHERE:  The outdoor South Street Pavillion in downtown Glens Falls, NY WHEN:  July 27th, 2019, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM WHY:   Ride your bike to shop, talk to a few local bicycling representatives, gather information for further fun! SPONSOR: The Friends of the Farmers’ Market https://www.friendsoftheglensfallsfarmersmarket.com/…
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https://www.active.com/cycling/articles/10-cycling-etiquette-tips-when-sharing-the-road-with-drivers?cmp=18N-PB2000-S20-T9-cycling-AR3&eps=title_1169285 A useful article from Active by Michael Nystrom with further reading opportunities. https://www.bikewarrenco.org/news/orthopaedic/


“Re-cycle”. . .get it? It’s easy to make a kid smile! Lisa’s granddaughter, Sadie cycles Assembly Point, Lake George. Don’t discard “old”, used, out-grown bicycles! Some of us locals fix/restore bikes and pass them on to kids of all ages! Ask Sadie, or many of the J-1 Students in our area for the summer. ….
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The new magazine RideOn! is ready for distribution!  Sixty-eight (68) mapped trails for Warren County 2019-2020 – your complete Mountain Biking Trail Guide! https://flipflashpages.uniflip.com/3/53040/1104040/pub/html5.html Get your copy today!  Download the .PDF from above link, or grab yourself a hard copy from bike shops, & many other vendors & venues in the area.


Ididaride!, the ADK’s Adirondack Bike Tour.  The Event will take place in North Creek on Saturday, July 27th 2019.  The address is 79 Ski Bowl Road, North Creek.  Co-ordinates:  43˚41’56.9″N and 73˚59’31.3″W. As ADK’s largest (and their 14th) annual event, expect close to 500 riders between both the 75-mile road course and the 23-mile off-road…
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Ride On!

Join us for Ride On! Weekend May 18th and 19th, 2019. https://www.facebook.com/events/430091674413362/ This event showcases the four distinct mountain biking destinations in Warren County, NY, and gives you an opportunity to earn a local craft beer (or soda or ice cream) just for riding your bike and exploring new trail systems! Warren County, NY is…
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