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WCSQBO Annual Appeal for 2018-2019

To all WCSQBO supporters,
Winter has arrived in the North Country – time to store your bikes, tune up the skis, snowshoes, snow shovels, and/or even hibernate in front of the fire. Just remember, spring is just around the corner – and planning your bicycling agenda will again be a priority.
We, at WCSQBO, have already set our goals for 2019. Many projects are new; most are ongoing. We will continue to advocate: for more funding for road and shoulder improvements; to support expansion of mountain biking trails in several existing and new areas; to educate bicyclists and motorists to follow “Rules of the Road”; and to offer and promote the many excellent opportunities for bicycling in Warren County.
To fulfil our goals, we need your assistance! Over past years, your support has given us the encouragement to keep going, and has helped to provide for funds to support important bicycling projects.

The WCSQBO 2018-2019 Annual Appeal is now underway. We ask again for your support. Please consider a donation (in any amount), or to volunteer a few hours of your time to help on one of our community projects.
For a complete list of our 2018 Accomplishments, and our Goals for 2019, visit our website: www.bikewarrenco.org   



Support WCSQBO’s Mission of Safe & Quality Bicycling

Please support our efforts of advocacy for, and expansion of, safe bicycling.  We accept and appreciate any amount you are able to give. We do need your support more than ever.

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